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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Mumbai Center can recover data from any type of media and any type of failure,  here is a list of problems that you may encounter;

· Computer does not boot

· Computer hard disk corrupt

· Hard disk not recognised by BIOS

· Computer running very slow

· Hard drive makes knocking sound

· Hard drive makes no sound

· Hard drive not loading OS

· Operating system corruption

· Computer reports missing .dll files

· Server not booting

· Server volume fault

· Server disk failure

· RAID volume corrupt

· Data corruption

· CRC errors

· Power surge

· Contamination

· Computer dropped

Data Recovery from hard disks is the process of extracting data from faulty, corrupt, overwritten or simply inaccessible hard disk media when normal access is not possible.

Data can be recovered from any make or model of hard disk and any interface or capacity. It does not matter what the problem is or how it happened data recovery can still recover the data!.

Hard Disk Symptoms

Computer will not boot
Computer freezes
Computer keeps rebooting
Computer reports disk failure
Blue or Blank screen
Hard disk not detected in BIOS
Hard disk makes clicking sound
Hard disk not spinning
Hard disk formatted
Data files lost, deleted or missing
Data files will not open
Partitions deleted or formatted
Partitions inaccessible
Hard disk volume offline

Data Recovery Help

If your computer shows any of the above symptoms, your hard disk may be at fault. Carefully switch off the machine at the mains power and contact Data Recovery Center.

Your hard disk data can be recovered quickly and safely by our professionals . For immediate help fill in our contact form.

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