Harddisk Data Recovery

Hard Disk Failure

When a hard disk failure occurs on a system it can be for a variety of reasons, and it’s important that the fault is diagnosed properly and correctly as this dictates the steps necessary in order to successfully recover the data.

hard disk failure

There are four ways a hard disk can fail that will potentially lead to a loss of data:

Firmware Corruption / Damage – These type of faults relate to the microprogramming on the hard drive. The drive will become inaccessible and need to be reprogrammed before the data can be accessed
Electronic Failure – Typically caused by a power surge, for example, plugging the wrong mains supply into an external hard drive.
Mechanical Failure – This relates to physical problems on the hard drive – for example, a head failure resulting from the drive being dropped or receiving a knock. A clean room is required with all types of mechanical fault as the drive has to be opened.
Logical Corruption – This refers to problems with the actual data rather than the storage media it is held on. For example, data has been deleted or operating systems re-installed etc.

At times a combination of these four is possible and the chances of recovering data depend upon the extent of the damage that has occurred.

What is Data Recovery ?

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from instances of hard disk failure eg. damaged or broken computer storage media such as hard disk drives, tapes, external hard drives, DVD’s. memory cards etc.

Data recovery may be necessary on any type of computer system that uses computer storage media eg. a RAID server in a business, a desktop machine running Windows that holds company payroll, an Apple Mac system in a graphic designers office, an external hard drive carried around in a businessman’s briefcase or student’s backpack, or the memory cards of a professional photographer.

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